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Hardwood Flooring Types

There are many choices on the market today. Our goal is to show you the possibilities so you that can choose the perfect floor for your home. We have samples of woods from around the world and we are happy to bring a variety of them to you so that you can see how different types of wood combine with the architectural features of your home, your furniture, your lighting and other design elements.
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Hardwood Flooring Brands

We are constantly searching the world market for new and better hardwood floor sources so that we can provide you with the materials that are the most unique and beautiful and will give you the greatest value for your dollar. We have access to wood floors from hundreds of mills in every continent. Click below to see a listing of many of the best quality wood brands Through the Woods offers.
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A wood floor is an investment. We protect that investment by offering you the very best in durable finishes. Unlike grandma's waxed floors, today's wood floor finishes provide an easy care surface perfect for the busy homeowner. These finishes are usually polyurethanes and remain on the surface of the wood and form a protective coating. Surface finishes are popular today because they are durable, water-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Various gloss levels are available.
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Care and Maintenance Products

To keep your hardwood floors shiny and new, we are proud to offer Bona hardwood flooring products. Bona's Hardwood Floor Cleaners are specially formulated for effective cleaning. The residue-free formula protects your hardwood floor investment and keeps it beautiful. Bona waterborne floor cleaners are safe for floors and families, including the cherished furry members whose paws and coats are licked after constant contact with the floors.
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