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Unfinished Wood Flooring

Unfinished wood flooring refers to flooring that requires sanding and finishing on site after installation is completed. This wood arrives from a mill where they have cut the flooring from lumber, making it into strip, plank or parquet, ready to nail or glue to a subfloor. It could be milled from newly harvested trees, or from reclaimed material. Unfinished wood flooring is available in solid or engineered.

There are hundreds of choices offered in this material. Our Species page shows examples of woods that are appropriate for wood flooring. These woods come in a full range of colors from very light, to deep, rich ebony. We are experts at creating custom stains to make them any color or tone, from white-washed to black.

After the wood is completely installed, we sand it, sometimes stain it, and then coat your floor with a durable, protective finish. Unfinished flooring allows you to create a completely custom floor. You can choose from many species of wood, combine woods to form an inlay or a border, and use any color stain. We are expert in the mixing of custom stain colors. Many of these colors can be achieved only through the use of dyes. We have been applying these dyes for many years and can achieve stunning effects with them. We can even mix other materials with the wood such as stone and marble, or metal.

This flooring can be hand distressed or antiqued after it is installed. We can skip the sanding step, leaving the wood a bit uneven and rustic in appearance. This material can be hand painted, to create intricate details or faux finished to mimic marble or burled wood.

Unfinished hardwood flooring is a blank slate, awaiting only your imagination and our skill to create a timeless work of art.

The three main styles of engineered wood flooring are:

Strip flooring Solid or engineered boards, 1 & 1/2" to 2 & 1/4" wide, installed in parallel rows.

Plank flooring Wood flooring boards 3" and wider, designed to be installed in parallel rows. In random width plank, the boards can vary in width from 3" to 12" or even wider.

Parquet A wood tile composed of individual slats assembled together, forming a pattern.

We carry many of the brands listed below in our Tampa showroom. Call for an appointment to view them, or fill out our contact form. Of course, we are always happy to bring samples to your home.

  • Aged Woods
    Domestic reclaimed woods in plank.

  • Boral Timber
    Boral has imported solid, unfinished hardwood flooring in over 20 species and grades for many years.

  • Homerwood
    Specializing in cuts that show the natural characteristics of wood, Homerwood produces both unfinished and prefinished lines, including their Amish Hand Scraped material which is made using old world techniques.

  • Carlisle Wide Plank Floors
    Reclaimed domestic woods in plank from 4"-10" wide.

  • Goodwin Heart Pine
    River recovered and reclaimed Heart Pine and Cypress in strip and plank.

  • Mountain Lumber
    Reclaimed Antique woods from around the world. They offer an engineered lines as well as prefinished engineered line that is available with distressing.

  • Oshkosh
    Oshkosh makes borders and inlays using dozens of different species and many materials such as stone and metal.

  • Owens Plank Floor
    Owens, with its 3/16" wear layer, looks exactly like solid wood flooring and can be glued, nailed or floated. Owens offers about 10 domestic and exotic wood species in a great variety of wood grades and widths. They also offer their unfinished line hand scraped.

  • Pioneer Millworks
    A large selection of reclaimed and recycled wood flooring in many species, in solid and engineered.

  • Rare Earth
    Offers wood flooring in over 100 wood species as well as unusual grain patterns, in unfinished plank and strip. Rare Earth also creates an extensive collection of intricate wood borders and inlays.

  • W • D Flooring
    A line of solid unfinished strip and plank flooring in 11 domestic hardwood species.

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