This 40's beach house boasts a beautiful Southern Yellow Pine floor which had been covered by horrible carpeting. Yellow Pine Pine is a soft wood. We sanded it carefully to avoid removing too much of its surface so that it would have a long life. Glowing with an oil-based poly, the Pine floor warmly greets visitors as they enter through the charming sunroom.

Yellow Pine

Location Florida
Value $$$$
Category Residential, Prefinished Walnut

Southern Yellow Pine is a name for several species of fast growing pine in the Southeast United States. Because most of it is commercially grown, the trees are cut while fairly small, resulting in softer wood with a coarser grain (growth rings further apart) than found in wood that is from more mature trees.Its use in wood flooring started only after the harder and darker colored Heart Pine was logged out, in the late 1940's. It is commonly seen since then in both interior wood floors and exterior decks.

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