We refinished the original Heart Pine floors in this South Tampa bungalow. They were scratched and lacked finish in many areas. We started by assessing the damage and determined which boards needed to be replaced to ensure a safe and sturdy floor. We did the patching with the antique Heart Pine we keep in stock to use in historic structures. They came out beautifully! We followed the same procedure in this Hyde Park bungalow, lacing in salvaged material where there was termite damage. We sanded the floors and coated them with polyurethane to enhance their varied grain and to protect and seal them. This home in Tampa Heights had very few of its original interior features after an extensive renovation. Fortunately, the beautiful, old Heart Pine floors were still there, though they badly needed refinishing. With sanding, patching and filling, we returned them to their original smooth and gleaming beauty. "This is one of the older houses in Seminole Heights, built in 1911. The previous owners’ large dogs had caused severe damage to the wood. The new owner, skilled in carpentry, replaced the damaged boards and we sanded and finished the floor for him.

Antique Heartpine

Location Tampa, Florida
Value $$$$
Category Residential, Prefinished Walnut

Heartwood is from the center (heart) of the tree. This wood is dark colored, and is insect and decay resistant and more stable than the white/yellow sapwood on the outside. It is extremely dense with tighter growth rings compared to the pine that is commonly seen today.

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