Doug Fir was common in the American West, as Pine was here in the East. This was our bedroom in our 1910 Craftsman in Eagle Rock. Bathrooms in the Southwest often had wood floors. We replaced the vinyl tiles with Doug Fir when we performed our restoration. Our entertainment room also had Doug Fir flooring and once restored, it looked beautiful with the Persian rug. We repaired and refinished the floors this home on the historic register in Los Angeles. Like ourselves, its owners were preservation advocates. They recreated a kitchen as it might have been when the house was built in the teens. Yes, the stove and refrigerator both work!

Douglas Fir

Location Los Angeles
Value $$$$
Category Residential, Prefinished Walnut

Traditional softwood flooringused in the western United States, Douglas Fir is light red in color a pronounced grain pattern, very similar to pine.The wood from these trees had few knots and a tighter grain pattern (The growth rings are closertogether.) than trees harvested today. Over the years, the wood has developed a beautiful patina which remains even after sanding.

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