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Wood floors are a renewable resource! After taking a beating for many years, or even decades, they can be refinished to look completely new. If desired, stains can be applied to completely change their color. Here in Tampa, many homes were built with hardwood floors which have since been carpeted, or covered with other materials. Not a problem! Those materials can be removed and the floors underneath sanded, stained and finished to look like they were installed yesterday.


At Through the Woods, we use the most modern equipment, techniques, and materials to create a beautiful and durable, new flooring surface which will be easy for you to maintain. With a minimum of bothersome dust and fumes, we can quickly deliver a glossy floor that you and your family will enjoy for years.

The first step is to assess the damage to individual boards. Our carpenters are skilled at removing damaged boards and replacing them with new ones to create an invisible repair in your Tampa Bay hardwood floor. For a prefinished wood floor, this is often the only step necessary. Generally, but not always, on an unfinished hardwood floor, refinishing is needed to blend the new wood.

The next step is sanding with a machine that is large, powerful and difficult to control. Our machines are most recently developed on the market, calibrated to remove the smallest amount of wood possible to give you a beautiful floor.

Our sanding equipment which is designed to create a very smooth and flat surface, provides an almost completely dust free environment. Using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, it will remove 99% of the sawdust created in your home during floor sanding. Homeowners love this feature!

Our craftsmen are schooled well in the proper handling of these cumbersome machines to remove only the amount of material necessary to smooth the floor and prepare it for staining. In untrained hands, this equipment can bounce along a floor, causing "chatter marks" or dig too deeply into the wood making uneven spots and shortening a floor's life.


We belong to the National Wood Flooring Association. This organization sets the standards for our trade and provides us with continuing education on cutting edge technology and products. The NWFA offers training and certification programs. We are trained as Certified Professionals, the only company to have this certification in all of Tampa Bay.

refinishing equipmentOur craftsmen attend their schools in Missouri to learn the latest procedures that will allow us to give you a better floor, more rapidly and efficiently. These week long schools offer hands-on training from the top flooring masters in the country.

As a result of their training, our finishing crew is at the top of their craft. They are careful to sand off only the tiniest amount of wood necessary to preserve your floor's life. They are artists at mixing custom stains of any color, and wizards at matching your existing flooring. Meticulous in their application of our durable coatings, they will give you a glossy "new" floor.

To change the look of your floor, we can apply a custom stain of any color. An Oak floor could be stained to have the richness of Teak or Walnut. Through custom staining we can create a wood floor that is the only one of its kind in Tampa. We can even paint it!


Bona, a leading manufacturer of wood floor finish and maintenance products, is constantly researching and improving its formulations. Their finishes have been found to be some of the hardest and eco-friendly available by independent testing services.

After carefully researching wood flooring businesses, Bona has chosen Through the Woods as one of only a handful of companies in the state to train, certify and recommend. Our employees are among the few brought to Bona's North Carolina technical center, to train and certify in advanced surfacing and finishing techniques. We also love European oil penetrating finishes. This product provides subtle color in a durable, easy care matte finish.


Through the Woods' advanced knowledge, and use of newly developed tools and materials ensure that your floor will serve and please you and your family, while adding value to your home.

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