Hardwood Floor Ideas Gallery

"After looking at most of the flooring stores in the area we were totally dissatisfied with the available products. Then we found Through the Woods. TTW has the most amazing product selection. The issue became what to select rather than choosing the best of what we were not excited about. The floor is spectacular, but the experience was equally spectacular."

-- Jim D., Tampa

Over the decades we have had the opportunity to install many unique and beautiful hardwood floors. Our gallery displays many of these floors in room settings to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your own home.
Visit our showroom by appointment, to view samples of these woods and many more!
Click the photos below to see more of our work in each species of wood.

Antique wood floors.
Antique (Reclaimed Wood): Reclaimed, or recycled wood is a specialty of ours at Through the Woods and we carry a large variety of samples of this product in our Tampa showroom. Recovered from rivers where they have been submerged for as long as 2 centuries, or taken from old barns and warehouses, Antique, reclaimed woods come from old growth timber, harvested decades ago to the point of extinction. Learn more about Antique and Reclaimed woods here.

Bamboo wood floor
Bamboo: Bamboo is not a wood, but a member of the grass family and is one of the fastest growing species on the planet, growing to full maturity in 5 to 6 years. It is a truly sustainable resource! Bamboo flooring is offered in a natural light-tan color or in a medium, honey-brown color. Our showroom features samples from several premier manufacturers.

Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor
Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba): A hard, strong wood, Brazilian Cherry is reddish golden brown, with occasional streaking and an interlocking grain. With age, the color deepens and becomes more red than golden. This wood is prized for its beauty and used in fine furniture, highly decorative veneers and cabinetry, flooring, stair treads and a variety of architectural details. We offer Brazilian Cherry in solid and engineered, and in many board widths.

Caribbean Rosewood Floor
Caribbean Rosewood: Almost twice as hard as Red Oak, Caribbean Rosewood provides an extreme range of color variability, ranging from cream colored, flame shaped swirls, to a medium brown background with black striping enhanced with golden highlights. Over time, this material will exhibit some color change, with the color variation muting and darkening. Caribbean Rosewood is a perfect choice if you want a floor that is a stand-out design element.

Chichpati Wood Floor
Chichipati (Southern Chestnut): Chichipati is a tough, heavy wood, relatively uniform in color, ranging from a tannish brown with golden highlights to a medium tan/chestnut brown. The color quickly changes from a golden tan color when freshly milled, to a medium chestnut brown.

Cork floor
Cork: Soft and warm underfoot, Cork flooring has natural sound-deadening and insulation characteristics. We have been promoting Cork floors for years and offer many options in this versatile and beautiful material in our Tampa showroom. Read more about Cork flooring.

Distressed Hand Scraped hardwood floors
Distressed: hardwood floors add character and a sense of “instant history” to a room and are becoming a popular choice in today’s Tampa Bay homes. Distressing enhances the character of the wood, bringing the beauty of nature into the built environment. Read more on distressed wood floors.

eucalyptus hardwood floor
Eucalyptus (Jarrah, Lyptus, Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum): A broad category of wood species, Eucalyptus varies widely in color, graining and hardness. The sapwood (outer part of the tree) of Eucalyptus is light brown while the heartwood (inner part) ranges from pale pinkish to reddish brown. The species has a prominent, straight and interlocked grain. Eucalyptus is a somewhat soft wood, being just over 87% as hard as red oak.

hickory hardwood floor
Hickory: Hickory is tough, hard and strong with a dramatic variation in color from board to board. Its lighter blonde tones contrast beautifully with the darker brown shades to create a very interesting pattern. A stain can be applied to create a more consistent color tone.

Mahogany Wood Floor
Mahogany: Mahogany is a reddish-brown hardwood with a medium grain. When cut, Mahogany wood is usually light pink or yellowish pink, but deepens over time to a darker hue. Long associated with elegance, it is used for formal style tables, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture.

Oak hardwood flooring
Oak: Used in Europe until the 19th century for the construction of ships, Oak was the principal timber used in the construction of European timber-framed buildings. Still prized for its beauty, Oak is still commonly used for furniture making and flooring, timber frame buildings, and for veneer production. It has great strength and hardness, and is very resistant to insect and fungal attack. Learn more about oak flooring here.

Santos Wood Floors in Tampa Historic Homes.
Santos Mahogany: Santos Mahogany is reddish brown, changing to deep red or somewhat purplish after milling, with the white sapwood sharply contrasting to the darker heartwood. Very hard and durable, the heartwood is reported to be highly resistant to attack by decay fungi.

Tigerwood wood flooring
Tigerwood (Goncalo Alves): This wood ranges in color from light to reddish brown to deep mahogany red-brown with bold, brown to nearly black irregular striping. Highly strong and durable, it is used for fine furniture and cabinetry, carving, and for decorative and figured veneers.

Walnut wood flooring
Walnut: The almost white sapwood of Walnut is distinct from the heartwood, which ranges in color from a deep, rich dark, almost chocolate brown to a purplish black with a wide variation of color and figuring. Though Walnut is somewhat softer than northern Red Oak, the wood is heavy, and durable.

wideplank Flooring Tampa
Wide Plank: Wood flooring boards 3” and wider designed to be installed in parallel rows add an unmistakable feel of warmth, tradition and character to any Tampa Bay home. We offer superior wide plank in a large assortment of species. Read more about Wide Plank flooring.

Specialty Inlays Medallions Borders Custom Patterns Stains Wood Floors Tampa
Specialty: Inlays, Medallions, Borders, Custom Patterns and Stains: Define a space. Dress up a room. We can create any border, medallion or pattern that can be imagined, in any species. Express yourself!

hardwood stairs staircases
Stairs: More than a way to get from down here to up there, stairs are a design element that provide a important visual connection from one level to another.