State of the Art
Hardwood Flooring Equipment & Techniques

"Chris and his crew were exceptional workman. They were updated on all the latest technology and demonstrated superior workmanship.”
-- Jamie K., Lutz

'Wood Floor Planers' oil painting by Gustave Caillebottedepicting the hand-stripping of a hardwood floor, 1800's.Chris has seen many innovations in his 25+ years in the wood flooring trade. Many changes have come about as environmental concerns forced the industry to formulate more user and earth friendly products. Others have increased the range of color and design possibilities. More exotic woods have become available, as well as antique woods. Chris constantly searches for sources of woods from around the world, ensuring that the products that he sells are well milled and from reputable companies with the ability the back their warrantees.

The equipment needed to install, or sand and finish floors has become ever more efficient in terms of the quality of floor that can be produced, and the speed at which it can be delivered. A member of the National Wood Flooring Association, Chris keeps abreast of new technology as it develops in order to deliver the most beautiful floors possible, with the least inconvenience to the homeowner.

Dustless Sanding System

Dustless wood floor sanding Tampa Our state of the art, dustless sanding system, positioned outside the home, or in the garage, is connected to our sanders, which create a great deal of dust in their operation.

Sucking the dust from the sanders as it is generated, the vacuum removes the particles from the house via the hoses which connect to the system outside. The dustless sanding system is strong enough to vacuum the dust from 3 sanders at once, so 3 men can be working at the same time, and utilize the system.

Our system eliminates masking and 99 % of clean-up.

Universal Floor Oscillator (UFO)

Floor buffer with UFO attachedOscillate: To swing back and forth with a steady, uninterrupted rhythm

Buffing, the final and dustiest step in sanding a wood floor, is done with a floor buffer which sands very finely and smoothes the wood in preparation for the stain or finish. The UFO, which attaches to the buffing machine offers three advantages.

1. Connecting to a vacuum, it allows us to perform nearly dustless buffing.

2. Adding 40 pounds of extra weight to the buffer, we can complete the faster more quickly and give you a smoother floor.

3. The circular motion of a standard buffer leaves swirl marks which can be visible in the finished floor. The UFO moves to and fro as it rotates, making an oval motion in a varying pattern. This reduces sanding swirls and marks so are they are far less visible after the floor is finished.

Festool Plunge cut Circular Saw

Festool Plunge Cut Circular SawThis specialty tool is primarily used to cut out areas in the floor in which custom borders or inlays are to be installed. With its splinter guard, razor-sharp blade, and well-engineered guide system, the saw makes long, straight cuts extremely accurately, cleanly, and easily, as well as protecting the wood surface from being scratched.


We are able to provide our customers with more beautiful floors, more quickly, through the use of this state of the art equipment. Our philosophy at Through the Woods is that if you can imagine it, we can create it!