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To give every homeowner not only a beautiful hardwood floor, but also the most pleasant home improvement experience that they could ever have.

Our training, certifications and awards give you the assurance that you will receive the most beautiful, long-lasting floor possible, quickly and smoothly.

Homeowner Testimonials

Dear Chris,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your hard work and dedication during the remodeling project at Mr. _________ house. The professionalism of you and your hard working staff was impressive. Every leg of the project was completed in a timely manner and the quality craftsmanship was evident in the finished product. I could not have asked for a more reliable company to work with and will happily give my recommendation to future clients if needed.


Dean Holbert
Vice President of Operations
New York Yankees

Through the Woods owner Chris Kritzer is a perfectionist. He hires only top notch installers who know their "craft"and do it exceedingly well. They installed walnut flooring in my entry, family room and hallway, about 825 sq ft. They also installed new baseboards and quarter round.

They showed up every day without exception & put a full day of work. This was tough work, on their hands & knees all day. First floating the floor to level it out, & then installing the wood flooring. They were always polite & professional. They left my home only after cleaning up their tools & putting them away every day.

By the time the floors were installed, the word was out to all our neighbors, & we continually had friends stopping by to see what all the commotion was about. They loved our wood floors & also agreed they are beautiful!

-- Laurie C., Lutz

Chris and his crew did an absolutely outstanding job. We were moving into a house with hickory floors that had yellowed over the years and were in poor condition. We also wanted to replace shag carpeting in our bedroom and study. After researching Angie's List and several other sources I found Through the Woods. The reviews were great, but what even more impressive was that Chris had completed our neighbor's floors and they were fantastic.

I was coordinating the job with Chris from Fort Lauderdale so it took a lot of trust to complete this job. The bottom line is that his company performed incredibly. They completely sanded down all the floors and prepared the other rooms for installation. While doing that, they found substandard work performed by the original builder: floors were improperly leveled with cement and our upstairs railing was improperly attached resulting in a safety hazard. His crew did an excellent job fixing these discrepancies and then he helped us pick out the perfect finish for the floors. To complicate the issue, we had other renovation work going on and Tropical Storm Debbie hit just as all this was coming together. Chris nimbly moved his crews around to finish the job in time to let the floors set up and accommodate our movers. The results were astounding. Everyone that comes to our house is impressed by the craftsmanship, quality, and look of our new floors.

In addition, we found other things like thresholds that needed attention. Chris negotiated these items as well and the result were excellent improvements. Just after the floors were installed we had an unfortunate mishap. A forty pound piece of granite fell on our floor and put a big dent in it. I was heartbroken but Chris and his team set up a repair plan and did a great job fixing it.

If you are looking for incredibly meticulous and professional work, look no further and call Chris.

-- Ed P., Tampa

I highly recommend these folks. My wife and I recently built a new home. We made plenty of mistakes, but hiring Through the Woods is one of our best decisions. We installed 2000 ft of Du Chateau wood and the floors came out beautifully!

Surprisingly, there are lots of details to get right on flooring. Chris, Chris and team did a good job explaining and delivering. It's unlikely your contractor is gonna volunteer using Through the Woods because they aren't the low bidder. For us, since we plan to live in our house for years, using Chris and team for a top-quality installation worked well. Thanks guys!

-- Dan S., South Tampa

Absolutely STELLAR work. You can go cheaper but you will not get the quality and craftsmanship that Chris Kritzer and his company Through the Woods provides.

Our house was a "customized" tract home and the construction of it 15 years ago was a nightmare. Years later we decided to rip out the carpet and put down wood in several rooms. We should have guessed that the concrete subfloor would be a mess. Not even remotely level and chipping and cracking too. In addition, the builder had over sprayed the floor when they were painting/installing baseboards and moldings.

Uriel and his assistant spent days on the floor painstakingly removing the old paint and chipping away concrete and then re-leveling the floor. After that they sealed the concrete with an epoxy section by section and then glued down the hardwood floor. This is NOT a process for the fainthearted or amateurs! We now have a beautiful, meticulous floor. We also had new baseboards installed and the workmanship on those is just beautiful, it is the perfect "icing" to the new floor. Can't say enough good about this company and we will have them back when we get ready to do the last couple of rooms.

-- Lisa and Earl S., Odessa

We just completed our dream home, due to a reduced budget in the current economy, a remodel of our existing home. By the time we got to the flooring, we were over budget due to some changes that we had wanted. Our architect, interior designer and general contractor all referred Through the Woods but we wanted to get other bids because the hardwood flooring was going to be a large and pricey item. Our neighbor had hired someone else and their floor looked good. They gave us a lower bid so we went with them. Bad mistake.

After arriving 4 days after they were scheduled, our neighbor's company had installed flooring in about half of our house. We noticed that the new wood floor squeaked. They said that this was normal. We spoke to our contractor about it and he suggested that we call Through the Woods and get their opinion. We found out that it was not normal. Through the Woods said that the other company had used only about half the nails that they were supposed to and someone from the flooring manufacturer came out, inspected our floor and verified this. They also mentioned that since it was incorrectly installed, we had voided the warrantee on some $10,000 worth of flooring. Whatever might go wrong with the floor in the future, would be ours to deal with.

In the end, Through the Woods completed our floor. We were stuck with the squeaky part because we'd run out of time in our leased home and the school year was starting. So, we got half a floor that we really love. The Through the Woods workers made better time than the other company, were neater and didn't leave little gaps in the flooring near the walls and stairs like the other guys had. They also cleaned up the trash the other company had left behind and cleaned all the floors in the whole house so that we could move in time to prepare for school. In addition to the stress we didn't have to endure, this meant we didn't have to pay an extra month's rent at the condo we were renting, and on the storage unit which held all our furniture- close to $4,000 in savings.

I'd recommend Through the Woods any time, to anybody- and I do!

-- Angela J. ,South Tampa

testimonial of Ed and SueYou were certainly correct when you said you could make our floors look as good as when they were installed. However, I think you underestimated your abilities - I think they look better than when they were installed! After the sanding, the boards became so smooth and level. Chris was able to match the original stain color perfectly.

I just want you to know how thrilled we are with the finished product and much more educated on the care and upkeep of wood flooring. We will watch for any dulling in traffic ways and call you immediately for another coating of Bona polyurethane before the flooring gets damaged.

In addition to the wonderful work done, we were so pleased to work with you and Through the Woods. We have been in Florida since 1976 and have worked with many contractors and many projects over the years. We have never experienced such professionalism during those years as demonstrated by you. From our first meeting and discussion of the floor, to the thorough written Proposal & Contract you presented, we felt very comfortable moving forward with this project. Your continual updates and calls during the process demonstrated how concerned you were with providing your customers excellent service. Your support staff also demonstrated the same values. They were the most courteous and respectful workers we have ever had in our home.

Thank you again for the wonderful job, well done.

-- Ed and Sue Mc D., Palm Harbor

We wanted a cutting edge floor - a real wow factor and Chris introduced us to a type of hardwood floor we hadn't seen.

The installation took a few days longer as they didn't realize there was painted tile underneath. We were under the impression it was just concrete - another company jumped up and down and determined that. Regardless, it was what it was. I was happy that they didn't take the easy way out and did everything correctly so our floor will last. They put a moisture sealant down and did absolutely wonderful work.

There aren't many craftsmen around so it was so refreshing that we really got a floor that everyone comments on. It was a lot of money for us but well worth it. You usually get what you pay for. Their workers have been with them a long time. It was a pleasant experience. That was when we first bought our house and didn't know anything. Now, 1.5 years later and tons of house issues, I feel so happy that we won't have to worry about any issues with our floor.

-- Glenn and Chris B., South Tampa

Karen B.Testimonial Photo Through the Woods did a wonderful job refinishing my vintage oak floors. The hardwood floors were in very bad shape, and now they look new and beautiful.

I chose Through the Woods because I was impressed by Chris' knowledge and professionalism. His craftsmen were very polite and respectful of my home and belongings. Their equipment was new, and they worked quickly and efficiently.

I was especially impressed with the care they took to match termite-damaged boards in my 60-year old hardwood floors with salvaged vintage flooring from the same time period. Chris explained to me that the grain in lumber from different eras looks different, and that a quality company will make every effort to find matching wood. The previous company that had worked on the floors had not done this, and the mismatch was obvious and ugly . Through The Woods also matched the color of my refinished floors to my wood stairs (that did not need refinishing) so perfectly that you would think that they had been stained and finished at the same time.

They really did a quality job. They were not the lowest price, but every day when I see my beautiful hardwood floors, I feel that I really got my money's worth.

-- Karen B., Clearwater

Steve and I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job Through the Woods did on our hardwood floor installation.

You and the entire Through the Woods team did a fabulous job from the first day until the last. Not only was your response time during the sales process prompt, but the same level of service continued through the entire job.

The quality of work is outstanding! The floors look great and the attention to detail is extraordinary. The entire team did a great job in keeping the dirt and dust down as much as possible and they went out of their way to make sure that the work area was safe for our two small children. It's never easy to live in a construction zone, but you and your team exceeded all of our expectations.

Your advice and insight proved to be invaluable during the scoping and planning process and we couldn't have been happier with the results. The Settlers Plank reclaimed hardwood floor from Pioneer Millworks has all the old world charm and characteristics we wanted. The floor helps to create a warm and relaxing space for our family that is also beautiful to look at. It looks as if the floor was always there and it is exactly what we envisioned it to be, truly amazing!

Thanks again for all the wonderful craftsmanship and invaluable insight. We look forward to the next project with you.

-- Angela A., Lutz

What a difference! My Southern yellow pine floors look beautiful once again. The new finish brings out the large, prominent grain pattern as well as the warm, gold and caramel colors of the wood. Chris and his crew worked fast, kept in good communication, and gave me a floor that looks better than I had hoped for.

-- Rich B., Clearwater

The main restoration of our 1936 family home took 18 months. As we completed project after project, I became adept at discerning contractors from craftsmen. Craftsmen are harder to find, but worth the search.

Through the Woods is a team of craftsmen. They listened to our requests, embraced our home's heritage, and revealed its true personality. That, is what craftsmen do.

Our 73 year-old floors had never been refinished. And, there was minor termite damage. Renato and Matt worked their magic to restore the dingy, dark, over-waxed first floor into stunning, honey-toned white oak. On the second floor, they coaxed the heart pine stair treads, banister and floors back to their initial beauty. The repairs to damaged sections match the original floors.

We moved into our new old home 10 days ago, and have been grinning ever since. As friends and family visit to see the project, each announces, "The floors are gorgeous!" We agree.

Our thanks and kudos to everyone at Through the Woods. We appreciate the consideration we received from the initial consultation to the final walk-through. You all are true professionals who do great work.

-- Karen W. , St. Petersburg

It was very refreshing to find a contractor that has such a wealth of experience and conducts their business in such a professional and courteous manner. It was a real pleasure to work with Chris and his staff. He made great recommendations for the restoration, provided an accurate estimate, started and completed the job according to schedule, and delivered an excellent finished product. I recommend them with enthusiasm and confidence.

-- Eric H., Old Seminole Heights

This was one of the best experiences my wife and I have had with a professional contractor. Chris, as well as his crew, was patient, responsive, and aware of all the challenges associated with restoring hardwood floors.

We have been gradually restoring our house which was build in 1940; and the pine floors were in rough condition due to wood rot and glue residue from covered floor materials. Chris patiently described the process of restoring the floors; and the best part was that he has his own inventory of old wood (tongue and groove boards salvaged from old homes).

His crew is experienced and a pleasure to work with. They solved challenging problems, provided many stain samples, and showed professionalism throughout the project. The end result is a floor that is solid, smooth, well constructed, and evenly stained. Regarding the oak boards in the hallway, they near perfectly matched the stain with the existing boards in the rest of the hallway and home. This was challenging since the replaced boards, installed by another company some time ago, were new and do not absorb stain in the same manner. When it comes time to refinish the oak floor in the rest of the house I will definitely call Chris.

--Daryl G., Palma Ceia

Through the Woods refinished the downstairs oak flooring in our home. The quality and care that Chris took with all stages of the project was fabulous. The floors turned out beautiful! We will soon gear up and have our upstairs done too! In the mean time I have recommended Through the Woods to many of my real estate customers and have had the pleasure of seeing their floors renewed. They have been as thrilled with the service and results as I was.

-- Brenda C., Tampa Heights

Chris and his crew were exceptional workman. They were updated on all the latest technology and demonstrated superior workmanship. They were always on time and kept me up to date on the progress in my home. They were always willing to work with our new ideas and help make us decisions when it came to the ideas of borders and designs. From the initial bid to the final walk through, Through the Woods provided me with a wonderful experience transforming my house into a home! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to put wood floors into their home. Thank you, Through the Woods, for all your hard work!

-- Jamie K., Lutz

Chris & his workers did a wonderful job for me! They refinished my parquet entry & made it look like it was brand new. They removed the hardwood in my dining room & living room which had been water damaged. Chris helped me solve the mystery of where the water was coming from & helped me find someone who could fix the problem. The replacement wood he helped me to choose looks great! The men were very nice & polite. The work was done quickly & is as beautiful as I hoped it would be.

-- Norma B., Beach Park

We chose Through the Woods due to their reputation in our community, which has a number of older homes with wood floors. Chris impressed us immediately with his knowledge of all things relating to wood flooring and his desire to do only the work necessary given the shape of our floors, which saved considerable money. His crew was courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient, taking special care with the movement of our furniture and the intricacies of our heart of pine and oak floors.

While having flooring refinished while living in the house is certainly disruptive, Through the Woods did everything possible to make the experience as pain-free as possible. We could not be happier with the final product and certainly recommend their services.

-- Jim S., Old Seminole Heights

We were remodeling a recently purchased house. After looking at most of the flooring stores in the area we were totally dissatisfied with the available products. Then we found Through the Woods and Chris. TTW has the most amazing product selection. The issue became what to select rather than choosing the best of what we were not excited about. We choose a DuChateau with an oil finish. The floor is spectacular, but the experience was equally spectacular.

After purchasing the wood an installation date was set. Chris called periodically to make sure the project was on track and the date was still good. On the start date Chris and his staff (all employees of TTW) showed up on time, reviewed everything and went to work. The staff was amazing. Chris' employees were some of the best wood workers I have encountered. They were also extremely courtesy and friendly. One of the most impressive groups I have ever used. Previous floor work has been done by companies who I thought were the top three flooring companies in Tampa. There is no comparison. TTW has locked in all future flooring projects.

-- Jim D., Tampa

I visited Through the Woods showroom and was amazed by the possibilities. I had no idea there could be so many choices, each one of them beautiful quality. This is no big box store with plastic-like flooring.

The owner was on time for our meeting and spent a considerable amount of time answering all my questions. I was impressed by his knowledge and passion and came away from the experience with the confidence that any flooring he or his company installed would be to my satisfaction and then some. This is not your ordinary flooring company!

Annie H., Dunedin

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