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Indus Parquet

Texture, color and sophistication.

The term exotic, when applied to a plant or animal means not living or growing naturally in a particular area; but from another part of the world.

For over 40 years IndusParquet has milled woods grown in Brazil, much on their own plantations, in their mills in Brazil and Paraguay. Their floors grace some of the most important floors in the world such as the Vatican as well as the most prestigious such as the Ferrari showrooms in Italy and Louis Vitton stores.

The lumber industry is strictly regulated in Brazil, limiting the number of trees that can be harvested. IndusParquet's manufacturing plants operate in total compliance with these government regulations and are additionally certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The Council lays out the best forestry management procedures, ensuring the least impact on natural resources.

IndusParquet offers several lines of varying products from sooth finishes, to hand textured to metallic. All are coated with a durable, UV cured aluminum oxide finish for long-lasting wear and beauty.

At Through the Woods, we are experts at the installation of IndusParquet wood floors.

Visit our Tampa hardwood floor showroom (by appointment) to view samples of IndusParquet.

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