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Superior, Old World warmth.

DuChateau Floors are antique reproduction hard-waxed oil floors which give the appearance of time worn, European floors. In DuChateau Floors, the character and beauty of the wood are prominent.

Their hand scraping removes the softer part of the wood, enhancing the beauty of the grain. Hand sculpting allows the wood to display its natural contours. Both these techniques give the floor a more rustic and wholly unique look.

These floors are finished with DuChateau's own Hard-Wax Oil, an all natural Earth-friendly, non-toxic product, made from materials such as vegetable oil and natural waxes. These oils penetrate deeply into the wood rather than just coating it. The wax remains on the wood surface creating a durable protective matte finish layer. The layer is water and stain repellant.

DuChateau is available in widths up to 12" wide and lengths up to 12' long. It has a thick top hardwood wear layer that can be re-sanded several times, similar to traditional wood floor products.

At Through the Woods, we are experts at the installation of Du Chateau flooring products.

Visit our Tampa hardwood floor showroom (by appointment) to view samples of DuChateau floors.

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