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Castle Combe

European history & rustic beauty.

Castle Combe is a small village in England dating back to before the 14th Century, remarkable for its quaint architecture and peaceful ambiance. Its rustic charm inspired this line which achieves its "antiquity" through the use of a variety of artisanal techniques designed to age new wood.

Oak, long described as the "wood of kings" takes on new characteristics under the hands of the master artisans of Castle Combe. Wide plank boards with a layer of solid Oak covers a multi-layered core. Designed for greater stability, this construction provides a much desired feature, here in our Tampa climate with its fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Meticulous distressing and hand scraping add to the rustic charm of this product, bringing out the beauty of the natural material.

Castle Combe is finished with a natural, penetrating oil, providing a surface that is enhanced by use. The more your family walks on it, the more beautiful it gets.

At Through the Woods, we are experts at the installation of these Castle Combe flooring products.

Visit our Tampa hardwood floor showroom (by appointment) to view samples of Castle Combe.

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